Footloose and Money Free

“I don’t care too much for money, ’cause money can’t buy me love” -The Beatles

With the American economy in its current state, money seems to be the thing on everyone’s mind. Are we in a recession? Bush wants the government to bailout the economy…

“We’re in the midst of a serious financial crisis,” he says. Not too comforting, if you ask me. Everyone is feeling the crunch. Money, baby, it’s all about the money.

But then again, when hasn’t it been about the money? Here in the land of opportunity, the land of milk and honey, in our great capitalist nation money has always been king. America wallows in materialism, from the richest of the rich competing for the biggest mansions and fastest cars to the middle class family piling up loans and mortgages to live beyond their means in the newest definitions of “living comfortably” to the lower income families just trying to feed their kids decent meals.

As a college student, I’m working on perfecting the art of living cheaply. I’m no master penny pincher, but I’ve got my own style of getting by. And I’m taking notes from my roommates and friends, some of whom are the pros and others who I just shake my head at and wonder how in the world they survive from day to day. So, how do we save money, America? How do we live cheaply? It’s not in our DNA. We’re programmed to see it, want it, buy it. Especially if the other guy’s already got it.

I’m gonna chronicle living with limits in Columbia, Missouri. The things people give up. The things people induldge in. And how to find the balance. And please, post your suggestions. Perhaps people will realize that it isn’t so bad, afterall. I think the best things in life really are free. .

About Nicole

Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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4 Responses to Footloose and Money Free

  1. Meredith says:

    I’m excited to get some tips!

  2. anonymous says:

    You should get a Sam’s card.

  3. nicolemueller says:

    A Sam’s card is one idea. But you have to pay a membership fee to get a Sam’s card. Do you really save money in the end? I can’t always buy stuff in bulk either, because I’m only buying for one and food doesn’t stay good forever.

  4. Nicole says:

    So, this theme kinda died. It was a good idea…well…it was an idea.

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