Ringo says quit being Starr-struck

As an avid Beatles fan, I couldn’t let this one slip by without mention.

Apparently, Ringo Starr is done with fan mail. No more, he says. Please, leave the poor sap alone. A Yahoo news article doesn’t offer much of an explanation.

I gotta say, I can’t quite decide how to react. On the one hand, it seems a little rude, a little ungrateful. His video request is not exactly real cordial. If he was just trying to hide away, it would be more understandable. Anyone should have the right to cut and run and be done with fame and live out their years in peace and quiet. But he’s still performing. He has a 2008 tour, and a recently released album, Liverpool 8. If you wanna be in the limelight, if you want people to keep loving you and spending their money on you, you should at least make some effort to patronize them. On the other hand, I can’t even imagine the amount of fan mail a man of his magnitude must receive. I’ve always kinda assumed that fan mail doesn’t actually get into celebrities’ hands. Surely it’s either thrown away or at best skimmed by some hired minion. Maybe ole Ringo’s just trying to help out the environment-  don’t waste paper or the fuel it takes to ship these letters from all over the world. Don’t waste your time. I can understand that. I’m sure he’s a busy guy.

I’ll always be a HUGE Beatles fan, but I’ve never been one of those letter-sending fanatics. Even at the height of my junior high crazed Nsync euphoria, when I was writing fan fiction, poster-plastering my walls, and collecting bobbleheads, I never once sent them a letter. I wrote a diary to Justin Timberlake…but that is another story from another time in my life- long, long ago.

The point is, I don’t know what to think about Ringo’s request, but I’m not too concerned about it. Judge for yourselves. Peace and Love.


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