Warning- Zombies Ahead!

“A sign on Interstate 255 Tuesday warned motorists that the undead were ahead, causing double takes during the morning rush.” -Elisa Crouch, St. Louis Post Dispatch

Oh yes, this story is worth reading. Picture yourself kinda groggy, heading down the interstate to work on a Tuesday morning. You see one of those annoying electronic highway signs, telling  you there’s gonna be more freaking traffic because of some construction. Gah! But wait. Does that say what you think it says? Indeed. “Daily lane closures, due to zombies.” The morning grind just got a little more interesting.

Hackers are generally a menace to society, but this is pretty darn funny. So what do you think- harmless prank or serious infraction? I leave you with some very valid points from commenters on the story.

“This could be the best thing to happen for traffic safety since the orange barrel. No one slows down for “guardrail replacement ahead”… but Zombies? You’ll slow down to look for Zombies!”

“This may be all fun and games now, but what happens when there really is a zombie attack?”

Special thanks to Katie Herring for sending me this story.


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4 Responses to Warning- Zombies Ahead!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love it.

    It’s a harmless prank because everyone still slows down. It’s not like kids stealing a stop sign. But at the same time it’s really funny and unexpected.

    I can imagine waking up angy in the morning, seeing this sign, and then cheering up. Laughing first thing in the morning makes the whole day seem easier. I wish the post-dispatch would talk to people who saw this sign.

    At the same time, from time to time I watch zombie movies with my friends, and I’ve played video games with zombies in them, and I have to recommend to everyone that if you see a sign that warns of zombies do not slow down. Zombies are strong and they assemble in large groups, but they’re slow. The one advantage humans have over zombies is speed. You should not give that up. Hit the gas.

  2. Nicole says:

    Good advice. Slowing down for zombies would be quite foolish.

  3. Dave says:

    I’ve always wondered how hard it would be hack into those electronic signs. MODOT and whoever else is charge of those darn things uses radio waves to to send them signals to change what they say. In theory you should be able to modify a cell phone to be able to change what the sign says via text message, if you know to frequency on which the sign operates. I really wish i knew more about electrical engineering and the propagation of radio waves, but it would be pretty darn cool to be able to change those things when you’re driving down the highway on a particularly boring road trip.

    If you think zombies were funny, check out this link:

  4. i think it’s hilarious. obviously, it worked. i’d slow down for pirates, too.

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