Colorado, Paris, and the trappings of life

I feel that lately I’ve been hurtling through life at 110 mph nonstop. Days and weeks fly in a blur, tomorrow instantly becomes yesterday. News piles up. Deadlines come and go…things get neglected. I feel a little more like I did in high school- I never used to allow myself free time. Life is full, and I think that’s the way it should be.

On Thursday I had a phone interview with Steve Johnson and got approved/hired for a counselor position at Lutheran Valley Retreat this summer. I’m super excited. I can’t believe they’re gonna pay me to live up in the mountains of Colorado, hang out with campers, and help with outdoor adventures all summer! A better job is hard to imagine. Along with the position, they will provide me free room and board at the camp 45 minutes from Woodland Park. Did I mention I’m gonna live in the mountains all summer?? The job runs May 21st through August 9th, so my whole summer is planned. Steve said I’ll have almost every weekend free and about 1 day a week off–plenty of time for personal backpacking trips. I’m going to miss everyone, and it’ll be hard being so far from Michael for so long, but some things are too good to pass up.

We found a place to live next year! Okay, so it’s not exactly Paris, France, but it is Paris Road 🙂 Meredith, Becca, and I filled out our applications yesterday and should be signing our leases in a few days (pending criminal background checks). We spent the rest of the afternoon and night hanging out and celebrating our new home. We had a lovely evening of Trops, coloring, and listening to Nsync and Backstreet Boys. There were multiple spontaneous dance parties. We also enjoyed wine and cheese with Natalie and Christopher. Then more boy bands and dancing. The night ended with the three of us laying in a triangle/pile on my bedroom floor, talking and playing “Never Have I Ever,” which lasted from around 2 am til 5ish. Oh yes. Not a bad night.

As an aside, I’m a bit OCD. This afternoon I re-organized my box of 96 crayons (yes, be jealous) so that they are nicely color-coded.

This makes me happy.

This makes me happy.

Work has been running me ragged lately, especially Thursday night. For some reason, I was the only server. I’ve never served alone before, and it was a league night from 6-9ish followed by a typical “thirsty Thursday” in this college town. There are 32 lanes at the bowling alley, with 7 seats at each lane and a table seating 4-5 behind each lane. Above the lanes is a counter top with chairs that runs the whole length of the alley, behind which is a row of around 32 more tables. Every seat in the house was packed the entire night, and I was the only one waiting on them, bussing the tables (they leave all of their trash, empty bottles, glasses, etc), cleaning up the place, and putting away/reorganizing all of the bowling balls. We close at midnight, but even with the manager’s help cleaning up I was still there til almost 1 am. I was exhausted and so frazzled, but I think I’m doing a pretty good job considering I’m still technically in training. I should like to know who’s “training” me when I’m the only one there. I suppose it’s throw her in and see if she sinks or swims kind of training. I think I swam– at the end of the night the manager praised me for running my butt off. I’m sure glad he noticed. I was fairly exasperated, but felt better at the end of the night when I counted my tips, busted out my calculator, and figured out that I’d averaged $18.91 per hour that night. Money ain’t everything, but it can sure make things more bearable. The owner just told me I can have Thursdays off from now on so I don’t have to miss Cru again, which is very important to me.

All of my classes have been going pretty well, and I just got a permission number to take magazine editing next semester. Besides that, all I need is magazine design, my capstone, and 2 general upper-division non-journalism classes to graduate. I could finish next semester, but I don’t want to graduate early so I’m gonna keep coasting. My car has been miraculously cured of its recent ails. Spring break is approaching, which might mean a backpacking trip in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee (if not, then somewhere closer).

Basically, life is working out like it should. I’m working hard to keep everything together, and God is watching over me. Now I just have to remember to breathe.


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Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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4 Responses to Colorado, Paris, and the trappings of life

  1. Becca says:

    Never have I ever had so much fun last night! I can’t wait until next year when no doubt I will be kept up until the wee hours of the morning due to random dance/girl talk sessions 🙂 Good times, they are a coming.

  2. thebiglaskowsky says:

    Haha, that’s the best looking box of freshly organized crayons I’ve ever seen! Well done!

  3. Jane says:

    I’m pondering the sentence (actually the word choice) about the car repair. . . .

  4. Nicole says:

    The first thing I noticed upon reviewing that sentence is that I used the incorrect form of “its,” which I have now remedied. One of my pet peeves. I also discovered that I had a typo misspelling mountain as mountian. I must have been tired.

    The wording “miraculous cure” refers to the fact that after my dad fixed it, he told me it wasn’t fixed. But when I went to drive it to the shop, it was somehow fine. Hence, miraculously cured.

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