Alive and thriving

Dear World- I am still alive. My posts are few and far between for several reasons. Our internet access is very limited at camp. Besides that, I am technically “on the clock” 24/7, leaving little time to write. I hardly have communication with anyone outside of LVR, and save for a few people who I miss dearly, it is a blessing to be cut off.

I love living in the mountains. Now that I’m acclimated I can jog up and down some of the mountains around here, which affords me a great sense of accomplishment, a fantastic view, and occasional cell reception at the summit. I love being constantly busy doing everything from working with the kids to cleaning bathrooms (and everything else on camp) to serving as kitchen support staff– my role this weekend.

This coming week I’ll be working with a horse care camp. I’m so excited about working with the horses. The best part is that we’re taking the horses on an overnight to the Platte River. I’ve been wanting to backpack there, but haven’t had the time or energy so far on my weekends off. Now I get to go while I’m working. Possibly my greatest adventure of the summer so far has been with the horses. Our wrangler Stir-It-Up had me attempt to ride Star bareback. As it turns out, I may have been her first bareback rider ever, which didn’t please her in the slightest. As soon as I slid on her back, she took off running and bucking. I managed to hold onto her mane for a while, then she bucked me off. As far as I’m concerned, I’m pretty much Zoro or something because I held on for a while, and when I did get bucked I managed to land on my feet and not fall over. It wasn’t til the next day when I woke up with a sore neck that I was informed that I hit my head on Star’s rump, which is apparently what helped me land upright. I have no recollection of that, but several witnesses and the crick in my neck confirm it. I still think it was pretty darn cool. I’ve earned my Native American title of Tiger Lily. Maybe I’ll join the rodeo.

The bluebells and other flowers are in bloom now, making the mountains even more gorgeous. I led a sunrise hike up Cedar Mountain last week that was spectacular. Sadly, the blooming flowers have also attracted more bugs, but they’re still nothing compared to Missouri. The weather here is occasionally almost “hot,” but most days I’m still sporting long pants and a hoodie. It will be quite the shock when I go home and it’s 100 degrees and humid. Then again, I’m told it will be pretty warm here come July. Speaking of July, I can’t believe how the time is flying.  I feel like I’ve been here my whole life, but I also feel like I’m just getting started. I’m pretty good at some of the setups, takedowns, and belays for high ropes, rock climbing and rappelling now. I’m not afraid of the tomahawks anymore, though I still avoid taking my groups fishing (still never taken a fish off a hook before). I’ve only been called by my real name about twice in the past month or so. I am Tiger Lily. This place feels so much like home now.

I’ll be getting visitors in July and I can’t wait! If all goes according to plans, I’ll be seeing my dad, my mom, Jon and family, and Michael. A lot of the plans are still in the works, so I’m trying not to anticipate too much in case things fall through. It’s difficult to coordinate schedules and time off, especially when I can rarely use the internet or a phone.

It’s incredible that I’ve had time to write this long of a blog. Perhaps someday soon I’ll be able to post some pictures. Now I have to start preparing everything for the cookout tonight. I hope everyone from my other life is doing well. Comment if you please 🙂

About Nicole

Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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5 Responses to Alive and thriving

  1. Mike says:

    LOL, so much for backpacking every weekend… Oh well, I barely have enough energy at the end of the day to go to sleep in by own bed, twice this week I’ve fallen asleep on the floor in front of the rabbit box. I can’t type for very long since I’m at work right now and we’ve got a bit of downtime. Yesterday sucked hard core. It started good since I btoughtmy uncles fan and a seat cushion but went downhill from there. Jason asked off for the exact same weekend that I was hoping to get off for in July about an hour before I got a chance to do it. Apparently he has to get his stuff out of his sisters apartment down in springfield that weekend and apparently it takes three days to do it and apparently that’s the only weekend that she’s going to be down there to let him in and apparently we won’t just give him a key so he can do it on another weekend… Thy being said, I’m extraordinarily pissed off about that and the chances of me getting to come to lvr are very slim now. Also, I got a flat tire yesterday. The good news is that I font have to waste away in traffic each day. I’m ahead of it in the morning and behind it in the evening. On the way home last night I was driving in the middle lane and there was a van in front of me in the right lane on 70 and on of those stupid little lowered pomped out trucks that piss me off so much came flying up behind me an was going to pass me on the right. So I sped up and boxed him in. Oh man it felt so good to see someone other than me get shafted just for a moment. I came to the realization that people act like a-holes on the road just to make themselves feel better a little bit. It makes perfect sense doesn’t it? Anyway glad to hear you’re thriving, haha, makes me think of a colony of insects or bacteria or something. Talk to you later, I love you!

  2. Nicole says:

    Ok, so I’m just reading this for the first time, but I’ve talked to you since you wrote it and you said that you’re coming. So I get to disregard this business about not coming, right? Yep, you’re definitely coming. I have my heart set on it.

    You shouldn’t give in to road rage- it could have a bad end. Deep breaths. I’m sure your fan acting up isn’t helping at all. You got a flat tire? You didn’t tell me that on the phone. Was it satisfying like when you changed your grandma’s tire, or just infuriating because it was a million degrees outside? I might be able to call you tonight. Kale is here with Immanuel and he wants to call Jen before she leaves for Spain, so I told him I could take him up Cedar to cell reception if he wanted to. I’m not sure if he will have to be with his cabin though, so we might not get to.

    I’m having a splendid time here, but counting down the days til I’m with you. How did the move go? Thanks for rescuing all my stuff! I love you, too.

  3. Visitor #2 says:

    In case you didn’t get my email or voicemail…looks like you communicate more this way…I took off an extra day, that Friday we talked about, so I’ll be arriving earlier in the day.
    Call me when you can so we can solidify plans.
    Hearing about these plan shifts makes me nervous. My plans will not be so flexible once the ticket is bought. So I hope to hear some confirmation from you very soon. I love you.

  4. PeterDallas says:

    Today is my wife’s birthday and her present is 3 nights away in a Health Spa in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands while I look after the cats and dogs. I was wondering what the wandering mind had been up to. Obviously a lot with no time for mundane blogs! Well it is nice to image/know someone is out in the beautiful mountain countryside having a good time with friends and family. Similarly I image you (Nix) and your readers will be happy to know that I am enjoying my 5:15 a.m jogs with the Regent Harriers 4 times a week. By the time we finish the sun is starting to rise (southern hemisphere so nights are still long)

  5. PeterDallas says:

    Yay, no blogs for over a month means Nicole has got a life!!

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