Another frustrating story about Ryan Ferguson

This update about Ryan Ferguson is a tad late because I’m practically cut off from civilization here in the mountains with spotty, infrequent internet access and no tv or phone. I’m not going to take the time to say much because I don’t have much time and because I feel I’ve said all that I can at this point.

On June 15, Judge Jodie Asel denied Ryan Ferguson’s appeal for a retrial based on prosecutor misconduct and ineffective assitance of counsel. Some claim Asel shouldn’t have decided the case because her husband’s CEO’s daughter is engaged to Judge Kevin Crane, who was the prosecutor in question. On the other side, the connection may not be strong and may be inevitable in a community the size of Boone County.

That’s basically it. Read the story, but I think the comments after the story are just as worthy of your time. As is typical with open comment boards, some people are just there to argue and fling their opinions out without saying anything insightful, but some people have interesting things to say. I think it’s significant in and of itself that so many people who weren’t involved still care deeply about this case after all this time.


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2 Responses to Another frustrating story about Ryan Ferguson

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  2. FoolsGold says:

    I just saw the revised 48Hours program.
    Its still disconcerting to see someone doing forty years of hard time in a maximum security prison based largely on someone’s fuzzy dreams and a police orchestrated confession.

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