*LVR staff descriptions continued*

Curly (aka Matt Kroschel) cracks me up. He was always one of the quiet ones, but if you listened to his softly spoken comments, they were almost always witty, sarcastic zingers. He got his nickname from his curly hair that reminded me a little of my brother’s hair when he was younger. Apparently one of Curly’s claims to fame is reminding people of their brothers. I can’t remember who all thought so, but I think there were at least 3 girls on staff who told Curly he reminded them of a brother. I guess he just has that way about him.

Curly was our media specialist/photographer, making him one of only a handful of staff members who weren’t counselors. He’s a big fan of archery, and would always show up to shoot with a group when we had the equipment out. He’s pretty good with a compound bow. Of course, most people are pretty good compared to me. Curly made me feel special by saying, “Hi TL, how’s it going?” without fail, every time he saw me. We could be scurrying in opposite directions through pouring down rain, and he’d still take time to say it.  It might seem like a little thing, but the way he asked, I could tell he really cared about how I was doing. That’s a big deal because sometimes at camp everyone got too wrapped up in their own routine and issues to notice or care for each other, and I would keep how I was doing to myself unless someone really asked.

Staff could get pretty emotional sometimes, but Curly was almost always chill. One time in the kitchen after campfire, Curly walked out, then turned around and came back just to ask me for a hug. None of us could have made it through the summer without leaning on each other for support.

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