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Casper is like the friendly ghost…but her mom says it’s because she’s so pale. Kate Hutchinson was the voice answering LVR’s phones and keeping our office as sanely organized as possible all summer. The fact that she could organize something that Steve had a hand in gives testament to her patience.

Casper was one of our youngest full-time summer staffers, having just finished her senior year of high school. At times, she seemed more mature than some of our older staff members. When I didn’t have a cabin, Casper and I were bunk buddies in the apartment- she slept on the bed above me. She was almost always the first one to bed in our room, but she never complained when other girls came in, turned on the lights, and talked while she was sleeping. I could never tell if it bothered her or not; it would have driven me crazy.

She must have had some pent-up frustrations. Once, I walked into the office and noticed that she was clearly frazzled about something. I was pretty agitated about something, too, so we decided to let it all out. Behind closed office doors, we both yelled at nothing and no one. We yelled our grievances at each other. Then we laughed and I left. Very cathartic.

I probably would know a lot more about Casper if it weren’t for the fact that her parents live in Woodland Park, one of the towns closest to camp. She went home every weekend, and always offered to take people with her if we needed a little break from camp life. A group of us took her up on the invitation 4th of July weekend when her parents had a bbq. Camp food was pretty good, but home cooking and bbq is something else entirely, and we were not disappointed with the feast they laid before us.

Casper is down to earth and easy to talk to. From time to time I spent my hour off or evenings off talking to her in the lodge or the apartment, and she never seemed to mind listening to my random stories. Now that the summer’s over, she’s off to her freshman year at Concordia University in Wisconsin. Hopefully we’ll meet again someday… perhaps in Colorado.


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