A former paramedic, Chris Ramsel got the name Hawkeye from the doctor on the show MASH, though his red facial hair makes him look more like BJ Honeycut. Hawkeye seems to have experience in a little bit of everything- as site manager he was also sometimes a wrangler, sometimes a medic, sometimes maintenance, sometimes…fill in the blank. LVR utilizes its staff and resources in every possible way.

Hawkeye won’t hesitate to make fun of anyone. He also liked to randomly call out people’s names in the dining room and tell them that Jesus loves them. He doesn’t hide his feelings well, which can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes life is easier when people let you know if they’re ticked off.

I got to know Hawkeye well when he was filling in as the wrangler and I was the counselor for the first horse care camp of the summer. He developed a close bond with his assistant wranglers- a truly interesting group of girls. Hawkeye taught me how to tack a horse as well as enough basics that I felt comfortable in the stable the rest of the summer. He led our group on a somewhat harrowing 10 mile horseback ride down to the Platte River, where we camped overnight. We got to face some conflict together, including one of my campers falling off her horse, a horse getting tangled and tripping on her rope at night, rough trail conditions, sliding saddles, and storms spooking the horses. Everyone made it back to camp and my campers all left eager to come back next summer, so I consider it a success.

Some people thought Hawkeye had a resemblance to Michael, but they are terribly mistaken. Both men are bald by choice with goatee and mustache, but the resemblance ends there. Even though he can come off a bit gruff, Hawkeye is pretty warm and caring to most people. His fatherly side comes out whenever there’s an opportunity to be protective of one of the girls. I’m sure he has much more adventure to come in his life.

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Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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