Self-proclaimed Iceman (from X-Men, not from Top Gun), also happens to be known as Danny Everett. He has no problem with animal brutality- campers asked him if his name was Iceman because he was heartless after they watched him kill a fish on the dock. OK, so animal brutality might be a little harsh. He just wasn’t afraid to touch fish like the rest of us were.

Iceman was one of the first staff members I met. He and his twin brother Thin Mint picked me up at the airport in Colorado Springs and drove me to camp. My initial impressions of the twins can be summed up by these bits of conversation they offered me in that first meeting (since I didn’t know them yet, I can’t remember who said what. I’m pretty sure most of them were Iceman.)

“Just so you know, my hair doesn’t usually look like this…”

“We like the Jonas Brothers. People make fun of them because their audience is teenage girls, but they’re good musicians.”

“Do you have a tattoo? Wanna see mine?”

They had printed Mapquest directions to camp, but Iceman decided he didn’t agree with the directions. He had been to LVR before as a camper and with his youth group, and he thought he remembered the way. Thin Mint was not pleased with the plan, but he wasn’t the one driving. As we went along a never-ending gravel road winding deeper and deeper into the mountains and away from civilization, I thought, great, here I am getting lost where there’s no cell service with two guys I’ve never met before, and all I want is some freakin’ lunch! I was pretty hungry. Iceman kept saying things like this is it! I recognize this curve! He asked me if I trusted him, and I told him we’d have to wait and see. That probably meant, hmm…not really.

Turns out Iceman was right, and we didn’t even miss lunch. I’ve decided I’m still pretty skeptical of his directional skills, but I wouldn’t ever mind getting lost with him as long as we have gas in the tank.

Iceman will say or do almost anything to make people laugh. His personality is one part stand up comedian and one part missionary. At first, he reminded me of the kid in Sunday School who always raises his hand and kisses up to the teacher. But he’s just always eager to talk about his faith and has a desire to guide and be a spiritual example as much as he can. He makes a great partner for facilitating TIPs…and for counseling mountain biking camp. We both thought we were gonna die doing that one, but he dove in with bold daring and we somehow survived a whole week of very inexperienced mountain biking.

When Iceman’s doing something or around people, he’s a terrible listener. You could be talking directly to him, making eye contact, and halfway through the conversation you realize (or he tells you) that he hasn’t heard a word you’ve said. It might seem like he doesn’t care, but he’s constantly observing everything and his creative mind is always off and running instead of grounded in the moment. Iceman seeks lots of outlets for his creativity, including writing songs and a children’s novel and inventing a new challenge element that some of us worked on building at the end of the summer.

To make up for his horrible listening skills in most cases, Iceman can actually be a great confidant if you come to him in private with a real issue. He’s the first person in the world I came to with one situation, and he really talked me through it, asked me questions, and gave me good advice. I went to him a few times throughout the summer to unload and never regretted it.

In Iceman’s mind, the world is a competition. Maybe it’s because he’s grown up with an identical twin who managed to get into the world 19 minutes before he did. Maybe it’s because he loves attention. Maybe it’s just because he’s a guy. He will take any challenge, and will come up with any way he can to challenge other people. He probably hates losing, but he never lets his competitiveness take on a negative tone. With Iceman, everything is a joke. Unless you’re uptight, Iceman is the kind of guy you will always feel comfortable around, even when he says incredibly awkward things. He was instrumental in shaping my summer and I truly love him.

A few great quotes from Iceman to me- “TL, I brought you into this camp, and I could take you out of it!”

“Your calves look very defined today.”

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Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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