When Ryan Meitler first worked at LVR as a junior staff member, his long hair earned him the nickname Moptop or Mopsy. As a full-time counselor this summer, Moptop didn’t have the hair anymore, but LVR nicknames are irrefutable.

A Colorado native, Moptop loves activities like rock climbing and bouldering. When free weekends came along, he was always looking for people to go out and do stuff with.

Moptop’s hyperactive personality comes out in entertaining ways. Almost once a week this summer, he would wake up in the morning with some sort of foreign accent. British was a favorite, but he has a talent for quite a few and the ability to maintain it for the entire day. His campers might think he’s crazy at first, but they seldom found themselves bored. Moptop rarely wears out; he often jokes that coffee calms him down.

He can make things spontaneous and fun, but on the flip side he occasionally has to backtrack and do some damage control. His hyperactivity can manifest in less than amusing ways, such as throwing bleach. He doesn’t mean any harm; he just likes acting crazy without a lot of thought beforehand.  Luckily, you just can’t stay mad at him. At least I can’t. When he apologized for bleaching my shirt, I told him he was an idiot and that I forgave him. He laughed and we hugged. Things never get too serious when calling someone an idiot is an acceptable part of the reconciling process.

Although he can give the air of being out of control, Moptop takes camp very seriously. As one of the few returning staff members, he often took it on himself to try to keep the other counselors in line. If he thought someone was staying up too late and acting tired, he would call them out. If staff conflicts were showing up in our actions, he noticed. Sometimes his watch-dogging wasn’t well-received, but he always held to what he believed was best for the good of the camp. If he chooses to spend time working at LVR in coming summers, he will be a valuable experienced counselor to have on staff.


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