You thought LVR staff profiles were done. You thought wrong. I’ve just been procrastinating like there’s  always tomorrow. But I vow to write about everyone from staff before our reunion in January. To those of you who haven’t been written about yet, I am sorry for the delay and I am sorry if these are shorter than some of the older profiles. It’s quite an undertaking, but I will finish. So here we go! (If you haven’t seen the others, check my older posts.)

Elisabeth Wright was like a big sister to us at LVR. If we girls had a mother figure in the apartment, it was Scribble. She’s not much older than the rest of us, but the best of her teacher qualities – kindness, warmth, genuine interest in others’ well-being made us feel safe and at home. As a first-year counselor, I especially appreciated her nurturing and concern for me.

As a program director, Scribble was constantly busy and was more than ready for bed at the end of each evening. But she didn’t let that get in the way of a good conversation. I shared a lot with Scribble on nights as we got ready for bed and stood in the living room talking. When she asked how my day went, I sensed that it was a genuine question. If I said it was difficult, she would ask, “how so?” Scribble is a great listener; she’s attentive and asks substantial questions to show she’s following and is interested.

Some people don’t like to be pried about their lives, but Scribble never did it like that. If she asked something personal, she assured you that you didn’t have to answer. But she wasn’t a gossip and she wasn’t there to judge, so I never held back.

Few people know how to offer advice properly. Some people withhold advice out of fear of offending. Others force their opinions like self-righteous know-it-alls. Scribble seems to naturally have the perfect formula for advice. She knows what’s her place and what isn’t. She offers thoughts humbly, as helpful suggestions from a close friend. She never presumes to be the final word, but ends with “what do you think?”

It wasn’t just me. All of the return-campers remembered her and were excited that she was back for the summer. I wish I could say staff members never had bad things to say about each other. I can say that about Scribble. I never heard her badmouth anyone. If she heard someone else do it, she was always peacemaking or offering counter-compliments about the person. In return, I never heard anyone say a single bad thing about Scribble. Things got tense sometimes with so many of us living in tight quarters all summer with potentially stressful situations. Somehow, Scribble was never on the bad end of a single confrontation to my knowledge.

I made many close friends at LVR – peers, equals. Scribble is certainly a friend, but she also stands out as someone I look up to. The best role models are real people with character. I hope that as I mature my character and faith will become more like hers.


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