LVR Staff Profile:

Donna McCray is exactly like me, only different. She earned the camp name Stealth by unintentionally sneaking up on people. She is every bit as soft-spoken as I am loudmouthed. My first impression was to be intimidated by her. Stealth is one of the most beautiful people I have met in real life. If she were on a magazine cover, they wouldn’t have to airbrush the picture. People are easily threatened by a beautiful, quiet girl because they assume she’s stuck-up. The guys noticed her, and I noticed that they noticed her. Neither of us were on the market, but it’s nice to be wanted.

Quiet can mean two things: stuck-up or shy. It took me about a week to realize Stealth was the latter. She doesn’t easily open up to people, so it took much longer to really get to know her. It was worth the wait. Fourth of July week: my dad unable to get a flight and car rental to see me. Pineapple’s parents late to come see her. Stealth temporarily without a group of campers. We all three found ourselves tamping fence posts and talking. Our relationship discussion led to our pasts, our fears, our secrets, failures and goals. Suddenly, we knew each other very well. I think we all felt a little less alone after that.

Stealth has learned to hide her emotions. She can effectively get through most situations by being tough. But sometimes people hurt her without even realizing it. The more I got to know her, the more I both respected her and wanted to protect her. The desire to protect wasn’t condescending; she looked out for me just the same. I came to feel like we really needed each other.

We had similar serious relationships with guys we could barely see or talk to all summer. As fate would have it, we faced some very similar struggles. Stealth knew how to make me laugh and how to make me feel good about myself. Her trust and confidence is hard to earn, but that much more valuable once you have it. We haven’t been able to keep in touch very well since the end of summer, but I trust that I could still count on her if I need her. I hope that we will be able to reconnect soon and stay close. The loss of her friendship would be a great loss.


About Nicole

Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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