Thin Mint

Jamie Everett had a hard time coming up with a good camp name. Unlike his brother, who had Iceman picked before he came to LVR, Jamie made it through the first week without thinking of a nickname or getting stuck with one. Specs was one idea, but he wasn’t crazy about it. Stealth came up with Thin Mint because he wore a brown and green shirt that was the exact color of the Girl Scout cookies. He wasn’t thrilled with it, either, but it endured for lack of a better idea. It wasn’t until a week before camp ended that he thought of Brink. Some of us obliged him and called him Brink for a week, but it was a little late. His camp name will always be Thin Mint.

For the first week, I thought Thin Mint and Iceman were pretty similar, being identical twins and all. But once I got to know them a bit I saw that they’re really quite different. I’d say Thin Mint is more sensitive than his brother, but he might argue with me when he reads this. Iceman likes to talk about what he does and thinks. Thin Mint likes to talk about what he feels. Sensitivity is a great trait in a guy when he knows how to use it well. Thin Mint knows the right way to compliment a girl and make her feel special. He might be a little too good at it. Maybe.

I first met Thin Mint when he and Iceman picked me up at the airport in Colorado Springs. He must be a good faker because I had no idea until much later that he thought that first meeting was awkward. At the end of the summer, we all signed each others’ staff pictures like a yearbook, and Thin Mint wrote that he was glad they didn’t leave me at the airport. Apparently he was really mad that he had to pick up some random girl, and he wanted to just go to camp and pretend they had forgotten about me. I’m glad he didn’t; that would have sucked.

Thin Mint is dedicated to the things that he wants out of life. He has a list of goals posted above his computer and in his room. He’s still figuring life out, but I think once he knows what he really wants, he will find the way to accomplish it. He wants people to like him, but I think he’s more concerned with making other people feel loved. Beyond that, he seems to be interested in the good stuff of life. Some people waste all their time worrying about what they should be doing and trying to work their way up in the world. Thin Mint is one of the people who knows how to enjoy what’s actually been given to him. I think if you know how to love the little things, you won’t be as dissatisfied as everyone else.

Thin Mint is romantic and sometimes a dreamer. I might be tempted to say he still has a lot to learn about life. But if that means becoming so practical that you give up on your ideals, then I hope it doesn’t happen to him. Average people live pragmatic lives. Extraordinary people are dreamers. I suspect Thin Mint is the latter. He’s a great guy and a great friend. I can’t wait to see what life has in store for him.


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