Y Not

It’s been a long time since I’ve covered any news. I sure hope I’m not anyone’s regular news source. You can count on me for sporadic coverage of Ryan Ferguson and anything having to do with the Beatles. Here’s your fix on the latter.

Today, January 12, Ringo Starr released his new album, ‘Y Not.’ I’ll admit I haven’t followed much of Ringo’s solo work as I was generally not that impressed with his Beatles work (with the exception of “With a Little Help From My Friends”). Then again, who could look good in the shadow of Lennon and McCartney? Working with them was probably the best and worst break for Ringo’s solo career.

According to the LA Times review of ‘Y Not,’ Ringo is still holding out optimism and love. It might be cliche, but it’s refreshing when almost everything we hear from the news and music industry is negativity, violence, selfishness and empty living. Of the Beatles, I would probably be the most like Ringo. He did a lot of peace-making after the Beatles’ breakup and probably did the best job of staying friends with all the other members. Besides that, he’s just goofy and fun. ‘But Y Not’ is the first of Starr’s 15 post-Beatles albums that he produced himself. Is this album the 69-year-old’s chance to prove his serious independent talent? I’m going to buy the album and find out.

By the by, I’m also excited to see McCartney’s contributions to ‘Y Not.’

UPDATE: Meh, it’s not that great. After listening to it once through, I give ‘Y Not’ 1 out of 4 stars. It’s not really bad, it’s just not very good. My favorite tracks were “Walk with You” (in part thanks to McCartney’s contributing vocals) and “Mystery of the Night.” Sorry, Ringo. I gave it a shot. Who knows, maybe it will grow on me? My advice: if you have a Barnes and Noble gift card, save it for a good book.


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