Why pro-abortion is anti-women

Last Friday, I went to the 37th March for Life in Washington, DC. Unlike many anniversaries, this one brings me no joy. This was my sixth time marching to the Supreme Court steps for the overturn of Roe v. Wade. I wish I never had to do it. I wish that we lived in a society where abortion was unthinkable, that there were no need for abortion laws.

The most striking thing is listening to speakers from a group called Silent No More. These are women (and some men) who regret their involvement in abortion. Each of them describes an emotional downward spiral after the abortion. Many became depressed, disconnected and addicted to drugs and alcohol to numb an undefined pain. Many suffered physical complications like multiple miscarriages or cancer. All of them eventually identified their problems with their abortions and sought counseling. Now they travel the country, sharing their personal stories about how abortion hurt them. I always get choked up listening to their stories.

Pro-lifers are sometimes accused of not caring about women. I am a woman. I care deeply about women. I believe that abortion is horrible for women. Most of these women felt like abortion was the only option. They were pressured by parents or boyfriends or even fiances or husbands. Pro-choice is a lie if women are made to feel like abortion is their only choice. One choice is no choice at all.

Every year, NOW organizes a counter-demonstration. I understand doing this at the March, but why during the Silent No More speakers? NOW is supposed to care about women, and these women are sharing their real experiences. They’re often still hurting, often cry as they are telling their stories. The worst “pro-choice” sign I saw said “Get over it.” That is not pro-woman or pro-choice. That is pro-abortion. These women made a choice, and now they are told to be quiet and not talk about how the choice affected them. The message seems to be, “Just have the abortion. We don’t care how you feel or what it did to you. We will stand for this ‘right’ no matter the consequences.”

For the women who are hurt by abortion and for the children who are killed, I will keep praying and working to rid our society of abortion.


About Nicole

Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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