The deception of “choice”

Some brilliant abortion marketer decided to label abortion “choice.” Very effective; everyone should have a right to choose. Our American psyche of individual rights and liberties forbids that our choices be taken away.

But we do not have a right to all choices. I cannot choose to bring more than three ounces of shampoo in a bottle on a plane. I cannot choose to steal a car if the owner leaves the key in the ignition. The government tells me I cannot choose these things, no matter how the limitation inconveniences me. We do not have the right to privacy when we might endanger another individual.

In exchange for a civilized society, we give our government permission to restrict our choices. Our government exists to protect us from the destructive whims of our fellow man. Most pro-choice politicians claim to be personally against abortion. So why do politicians say they cannot take away a woman’s right to choose abortion? We’ve somehow forgotten that we are not legally entitled to all choices. Isn’t the right to kill another person one of the choices we shouldn’t have? Many abortion proponents have backed away from the claim that abortion doesn’t take a life. They weigh the life of the baby against the convenience of the mother, and somehow, they decide that life is less important.

Fortunately, my generation is wising up to the deception of “choice.” Even those who have bought “choice” hook, line and sinker cannot deny the tremendous surge of youth in the pro-life movement. Supporters of the Roe decision are getting nervous, according to this Washington Post column. Get nervous, because we are standing up, spanning various religious, political and personal views to unite and recognize that we don’t want abortion.

President Obama, in defense of allowing abortion said, “I may be opposed to abortion for religious reasons, but if I seek to pass a law banning the practice, I cannot simply point to the teachings of my church or evoke God’s will. I have to explain why abortion violates some principle that is accessible to people of all faiths, including those with no faith at all . . .”

I agree. I don’t consider abortion a religious issue. I don’t consider abortion a partisan issue. I don’t consider it a women’s issue. It is a humanitarian issue. The principle that everyone can agree on is that we should not kill. Doctors take an oath to do no harm, but we no longer seem to care what harm we do as long as we serve ourselves. Our society demands to have every choice but no consequences. That kind of attitude can only stand so long before we self-destruct.


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5 Responses to The deception of “choice”

  1. PeterDallas says:

    Wow Nix serious stuff! Must admit you make a powerful case and personally I agree. But you may be interested in the following… South Africa now has possibly the most “human rights friendly” constitution in the world yet government funded hospitals are not allowed to refuse abortion requests. (Note: Before democracy, the previous wicked apartheid government had banned abortions). The new Government argued that people did not have a right to force poor people to bring an unplanned baby into the world that they couldn’t afford to feed, educate etc (there is some serious poverty in Africa).
    Last technicality.. what is your opinion on inter-uterine devices (e.g. copper Ts) i.e contraceptives that dislodges or prevents a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus?
    Personally, I would strongly discourage abortion but do not believe I have the right to ban other people from doing it.

  2. Alex says:

    Nikki, this is an incredible post. You put everything I believe is important in the pro-life movement into eloquent words that I could have never done! I really think this should be spread as far and wide as possible. I am going to post this on my facebook page & share it with my Students for Life president here at American.
    Also, I’m curious where you found the quote from Obama?
    Again, an amazing job at capturing the issue at hand.

  3. Nicole says:

    PeterDallas, I’m glad you’re still reading my blog. I hadn’t heard from you in so long that I thought you’d grown tired of my musings.

    Your question about poverty is certainly worth considering. I answer with caution because I cannot claim to have ever been in that situation. But it is my belief that a life in poverty is better than no life at all. And the idealist in me believes that a child born in poverty is not necessarily doomed to always be poor. But even if they are, doesn’t their life have value? If not, should we also allow those in poverty to die because saving them would only prolong their misery? I just don’t believe death is ever the best solution.

    As to contraceptives, I don’t claim to be an expert and am always listening to different ideas and constantly re-evaluating my opinion. But why not use a method that prevents fertilization in the first place? What do you think?

    “Personally, I would strongly discourage abortion but do not believe I have the right to ban other people from doing it.” Many people make the same statement as you. But I would ask, why do you strongly discourage abortion? If it is because you believe abortion is harmful to the woman, deadly to a child, bad for society or any of the above, why should we not have laws about it?

    The purpose of government is to ban people from doing things that are harmful to themselves or others. I do not think we should be afraid of rationally regulating such things.

    Please tell me your opinions. I’m eager to listen.

  4. Nicole says:

    Thanks. I guess my journalism training pays off sometimes. Did you read my previous post?

    For the quote, I googled “Obama quotes on abortion.” Unfortunately, this didn’t get me the known news sources I was hoping for. A more thorough search would bring up quotes from magazines and newspapers, but for this one I settled on the blog of an Obama fan who had compiled some of his favorite quotes.—-Top-Ten-Quotes

    I shall try harder to find quotes from known news sources. I wish I could remember the attribution to the quotes on the big billboards at the March.

  5. PeterDallas says:

    Some answers
    I would discourage abortion so that people put more effort into prevention.
    I believe it is emotionally harmful to the woman as well as a physical health risk to her.
    I am unsure about when the fetus becomes a baby. Is the death of a fetus equivalent to the death of a child?
    Contraception – despite my age not too knowledgeable – didn’t want my wife to take the “pill” so she used IUD – morally questionable but it works.
    Keep writing Nix… you have a gift… day I’ll be able to brag that I recognized your talent long before you became famous!!

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