Still living day to day

I’ve been reluctant to write the last few days, not wanting to bump down the most exciting news of my engagement. Things really have been moving and shaking.

I bought my cap and gown for graduation. What an incredible rip-off. $59.03 for what? A flimsy gown, poorly fitting cap, yellow t-shirt and a compulsory year-long membership in the Mizzou Alumni Association “free of charge.” Right.

The guy who was handing out gowns was fun. “Lemme see, 5’3.” And a half.” Yep. 5’3″ and a quarter, actually, but the gowns aren’t nearly that precise. He was far less successful guessing my major. “Fine arts?” Nope. “Oh, you look artsy. Hmm. Ag?” Journalism. “Journalism!” He must have been bored. “Here, enter this contest. They’re giving away a house and a car and some stuff.” I want the house, I told him. “Me too. I’ll take both,” he said. “I should stuff the box.” I filled out the little card even though I have no idea what they were actually giving away. It said you must be present at the drawing to win. It did not say when the drawing would be held. What a rip-off. I may have lost a house. But at least I’m graduating.

Yesterday I tried on wedding dresses. I thought I’d be quivering with giggly glee, but I guess my practical side kicked in. We carefully sorted through dresses and discussed their merits and flaws. Meredith documented with my camera. There were three dresses that I really loved, but the cheapest of the three was about $300 more than I’m willing to spend on something I’ll wear once. Good thing I’m starting super early — this could be difficult. It still doesn’t feel real to me. I’ve just entered the most significant social contract of my life, but I’m still sitting here worrying about Magazine Design and wondering when I’ll have time to start reporting my profile for Advanced Writing.

The seasons are changing. It hit 48 degrees today so I walked barefoot to the mailbox, salt from the last snow sticking to my heels. Sparse clumps of rotting snow still cower in shadowy corners. But trees are budding. The sun wakes me up in the morning instead of the endless gray of winter.

Today I signed my contract for LVR. I agreed to the terms of employment as an adventure counselor, dedicating three months of my life entirely to serving Christ and kids in Colorado. It was with a familiar mix of excitement and fear that I dropped the contract in the mailbox. So incredible, but so challenging — LVR is a great responsibility and my role this summer will be different than last year. Plenty of room for God to work on me. Bring it on. The adventure training begins at 1 p.m. the day after I graduate. Ready, set, go.

God blesses me every day. There are a lot of unknowns still, but they are beautiful possibilities.


About Nicole

Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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