Shooting at my old house

Breaking news:

Tonight, a man was shot three times, at least once in either the stomach or chest. He ran into a house on Circus Avenue. (The little residential street where I lived for the past two years. It’s near Columbia College, directly across from Jefferson Junior High.) They don’t know if it was his house or not. Emergency crews responded around 9 p.m. and took him to University Hospital. No reports are saying his age, condition, a motive for the crime or if a suspect has been caught. Briefs are up on the Missourian and KOMU.

Around 10:45 p.m., I drove past Circus Avenue on Rogers. Two police cars blocked off Circus, while at least 3 more police cars were on the street. Yellow crime scene tape cordoned off the corner houses on both sides. I drove up Lyon St. to get a better look. The Lyon end of Circus was also blocked off by police cars and it looked like at least one detective’s vehicle. I could see that the crime tape extended to what was our next door neighbor’s house, and possibly all the way to my former residence.

I couldn’t see any more, so I drove home to check the news. I checked KOMU first because I saw the news crew’s van in the parking lot of Jefferson Junior High, directly across the street from Circus Avenue. Then I checked the Missourian. Both have minimal information at this time, but it’s how I found out the details given in the first paragraph of this post.

Now the Missourian says police have responded to another report of gunshots — this one at Worley and Spencer Ave. But they didn’t find a victim there.

I first found out something was up when I drove by and saw the hubbub. I was naturally interested since I’m a journalist and since it’s pretty much at the house where I lived just last year. We always knew that part of town was sketchy. Well, we always knew it once we lived there. Not until after we signed the lease. Glad I’ve moved uptown a bit.

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One Response to Shooting at my old house

  1. Nicole says:

    Still no witnesses, suspects, or specific identification of the victim. The man shot was about 35-40 years old. He was shot in the stomach. The house he ran into wasn’t his; the resident there called 911. A silver car was involved somehow.

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