Fourmile Fire burns in Boulder

The Fourmile Fire currently raging through the Boulder area is now considered the worst in Colorado’s history when judged by number of houses burned. The fire has destroyed at least 135 homes as of Wednesday – more than the 2002 Hayman Fire. But the Hayman Fire scorched 138,114 acres, while the Fourmile Fire has spread across 6,388 acres as of Wednesday. At this time, the fire is considered 0% contained. The forecast calls for heavy winds Thursday evening and Friday, which will likely spread the blaze.

I’ve personally seen the destruction left by the Hayman Fire. It raged through Pike National Forest and burned parts of Lutheran Valley Retreat where I worked the past two summers. Though I never saw the area pre-fire, the drastic change in landscape is obvious. Most noticeable to me was the toll on nature. But with this fire, I am reading about the toll on people. They are displaced and helpless to save their possessions from the blaze. Thankfully, no deaths or injuries have been reported yet. About 550 people from 55 jurisdictions were fighting the fire Wednesday afternoon. Pray for everyone in the Boulder area and all of the firefighters involved.

Facts in this story come from the Boulder Daily Camera. Read the article here.

Winds kicked up smoke from the fire Tuesday afternoon. EPA/RICK GIASE

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2 Responses to Fourmile Fire burns in Boulder

  1. metamorphosisofthemind says:

    I remember seeing smoke just like that billowing over the horizon at LVR in 2002. Those were some tense days. We make big plans for ourselves, but God determines our steps.

  2. Nicole says:

    The fire is 87% contained now. It destroyed 166 homes and scorched 6,427 acres.

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