Boston, Part 4: Saturday and Sunday

Saturday was explore Cambridge day. Meredith had to split some cells in her lab. She’s doing her first lab rotation for Harvard at MIT, so I got to see that campus while she donned a lab coat and did what she does best. We decided to go check out Harvard’s main campus while we were in Cambridge. Virology is part of the Harvard Medical School, so her classes are on the Med. School campus in Boston rather than the main campus in Cambridge. We didn’t really know what to look at except for Harvard Yard. We would have gotten our picture taken with the statue of John Harvard, but there was quite a crowd around it.

We met a fellow Missourian near campus. He asked us if we voted in Cambridge but was too distracted by Meredith’s Mizzou jacket to tell us what he was up to. He was from Farmington. He was friendly, but not at all charming.

“You ladies are both beautiful. Missouri girls…” (He bit his lip. Creeper.) “Would you like to get together for coffee sometime?” I guess he couldn’t decide which of us to hit on, so he went for both at once. Always a good plan.

“We’re doing stuff,” Meredith replied.

“What about you?” he asked, turning to me. What? Was I not part of the we she just mentioned?

“I’m with her.” Off we went. I joked to Meredith that she should have given him her number. I always tell her she needs to find a Midwestern boy in Boston so she’ll want to come back eventually. This guy was real winner.

We spent a little time in a Harvard t-shirt shop. I really am a tourist. I couldn’t decide and then the line was too long. We abandoned the whole thing in pursuit of food. Neither of us is decisive and there were lots of choices. After much deliberation, we chose a little underground place that declared Thai Cuisine. The plan was to eat light and have a real dinner later, but everything on the menu looked good. We ended up with an appetizer sampler platter, two extra appetizers and Thai iced coffee. So much for eating light. It was all delicious and more than we could finish.

Our next tourist stop was the Prudential Tower. The elevator sped to the 50th floor of the skyscraper. Our ears popped on the way up. Meredith paid so we could go on the skywalk for a bird’s-eye view of Boston. The city lights sparkled below us. Traffic crawled along Boston’s twisted streets. After taking a bunch of pictures and trying on lobster hats in the gift shop, we headed down. The Shops at Prudential Center are filled with uber-expensive, often ridiculous stuff. Making fun of high fashion is a favorite past time. We tried on hats and crazy dresses, gawked at shoes, and couldn’t resist buying a few truffles.

Truffles should have been enough sugar, but we sought more ice cream. We went to Emack and Bolios. E&B’s was voted #1 ice cream in Boston by…someone. They were wrong. JP Licks is way better. But it was still good. In review, we never actually ate dinner, just a bunch of Thai appetizers and sweets. Luckily there were goldfish to snack on in the apartment while we colored more pictures.

We went to South Boston on Sunday. The T stop was near the ocean. Our eventual destination was Castle Island, but we wanted to walk along the beach instead of riding the T closer. The tide was out and the shore was strewn with rocks and shells and the occasional dead crab. It didn’t look like a pleasant place to swim, but was nice for walking. Meredith collected plastic bags and trash as we went. I helped, but it was mostly her. The sun was out and it was warm enough to go without a jacket. But then the wind started blowing a big cloud loomed. By the time we got to Castle Island, we were pretty cold. As an aside, Castle Island is not truly an island. We walked to it.

Sullivan’s provided the perfect remedy for the chill. It was the most unassuming place we ate, but probably one of the best. You ordered, then had to take your food outside to eat on patio tables. I got lobster bisque for under $4 and a very rich hot chocolate. Mere split her fries with me. They were the thick crinkle kind, which can be gross. These were fried to perfection. The lobster bisque was exquisite. I felt truly Bostonian. Seagulls begged overhead and pigeons begged from below.

Castle Island is a fort built by the Brits during the American Revolution. We walked around the fort, but got there too late for the free tours. On the way back, we stopped at Boston Common and the Public Garden. I’m not usually a city girl, but Boston does have some gorgeous green space for a big city. Meredith realized that we were near Cheers, so naturally we had to stop in. Sadly, no one knew our names. But we did get to sit at the set bar. There are two Cheers in Boston, and this one had three bars in it. But we were at the original Cheers and sat at the bar where they filmed the show. We sat near Norm’s spot. Meredith had a Boston Brick Red and I had a Woodchuck Malt Cider. We sat under a moose head and toasted our Cheers mugs. Tourist? No, not at all.

Boston Beer Works won the competition for dinner. I got squash ravioli and Meredith had a burger. The ravioli was super rich and wonderful. We split a hummus plate appetizer that was also quite tasty. Apparently Boston Beer Works only has beer and wine. I didn’t want either and it was my last hurrah, so we were forced to go elsewhere after dinner. Elsewhere turned out to be a sports bar called Game On. It was a quiet hurrah. I had an amaretto sour and a white russian. Meredith had a couple beers. She had one called Pumpkinhead that is served with cinnamon and sugar on the rim. Very interesting. By then, it was time to go home.

The end is always sad. Monday I bid Meredith goodbye and braved the T on my own to get to the airport. I had a long day of flights. I finally arrived in St. Louis Monday night, tired and wishing I were still in Boston. I had a lovely trip. I hope Christmas comes quickly.


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  1. Christina says:

    Boston is definitely the place to be a total tourist. Sounds like you had a great time đŸ™‚

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