Getting girly?

The past 48 hours indicate I may be getting girly.

Friday started out beautiful. It was sleeveless shirt weather and Shannon and I were loving it. We went to St. Louis Bread Company so we could eat lunch outside. But by the time we had our food, the wind was whipping and the temp was dropping. We hauled our plates and cups out anyway. But I was cold. I wussed out and we brought everything back inside to a nice cozy booth.

We spent a long day shopping at Gordman’s and the mall. I bought a bunch of cute clothes for my honeymoon. I rarely buy clothes for specific occasions. I rarely shop. We were ready to leave, but the storm was in full force. Rain poured down and rivers were forming in the mall parking lot. I was wearing pink and silver partially suede tennis shoes that I bought in Italy. I love those shoes. They’re fabulous. I did not want to get them wet.

“What do you want to do?” Shannon asked.

“I want to curl up and take a nap and let someone else solve all my problems,” I told her. I hardly slept the night before. I was tired and becoming a diva. “Maybe I could call my daddy to come get us.”

She guided me to the Qdoba and ordered chips and queso. We hunkered down to wait out the storm. My mom called to warn me of possible flash floods and tornadoes. Then the Qdoba flooded. Really. The ceiling leaked an incredible amount of water. The lake spread across the floor and out the door into the mall. Several workers with floor squeegees fought a losing battle against the flood.

“This queso is really spicy,” I said.  Shannon nodded. I ate some more. “Man, it is really spicy!” It wasn’t that spicy. I asked if she wanted some water and got up to get us some. But the soda fountain was in the flood zone and I still didn’t want to get those shoes wet. I returned to the booth defeated and Shannon went and got us water. When the chips ran out, she checked the radar on her phone. The downpour showed no signs of stopping. We had to go.

In the end, Shannon was the one who braved the rain. She got my car and pulled it up to the door for me. I just held her purse. My Italian shoes were saved. Perhaps you would have to know Shannon and me to grasp the significance. Me: tomboy, played in the mud, likes snakes, backpacker. Shannon: no heels are too high, avoids places bugs might be, scared of my rabbit, loves pink. That oversimplifies it, but you get the idea.

The girliness continued Saturday. When I was feeling depressed, I went shopping (did I mention I tend to hate shopping?) I tried on a bunch of clothes I knew I didn’t need and ended up buying a new swimsuit and a tank top. Then I went tanning, and it made me slightly happy. I have a new bronzer that Shannon gave me. I upgraded from 5 minutes to 7 minutes. Certain parts of me are rather pink now.

Oh man, it’s official. I’m a girl.

About Nicole

Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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One Response to Getting girly?

  1. Mom says:

    You always were, it was just all wrapped in the adventurous Nikki that made you seem a tomboy. A melting pot of unique and lovable traits.

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