I’ve got to admit, it’s getting better

Adventures in housewife-ing, part 2.

Day shifts are clearly better than night shifts.

While my love for Michael makes it bearable to sleep all day and sit up all night, it’s not ideal. This week he’s working the blessed day shift: he starts at 7:30 and is done by 3:30 (theoretically). OK, so week 1 as a housewife had me feeling like a prisoner or vampire who never saw the light of day and rarely saw my husband. Week 2 is something else entirely. Yesterday I got to check out the church we’ll likely join. It’s about 30 minutes away in Crown Point. We couldn’t find any contemporary Lutheran churches we liked in Valparaiso. This service is at 8:15. I’m used to worshiping at 11. It’s actually pretty nice though. I got up when Michael was getting ready for work. After church, I still had a whole entire day ahead of me. My husband called me from work to see how my day was going. I drove to Beverly Shores and spent my afternoon walking on the beach. Lake Michigan is still way too cold to swim in, but I had a nice hike with my toes in the water. It’s always a good day when I can hike in my swimsuit top and get a backpack tan line. I made lasagna for dinner.

Today I slept in. Then I let my rabbit out to explore her new home. It’s nice to have her here. I spent about an hour watching her run around – supervising that she didn’t chew on any wires or important papers. Then I held her and groomed her. After a brief time on the Internet, I’m gonna go get stuff done.

Indiana weather is currently pleasant. Yesterday, we had a near record-breaking high of around 80. Last night brought a “cold front.” It’s currently 61 and sunny. I’ll take it.

Of course, Michael’s job is still unpredictable. Yesterday he had to work late, so he got home around 6. That wasn’t too bad. He was pretty tired after our whirlwind weekend, so he was fast asleep by 9. I managed to get him off the couch and into bed at 9:30. He was woken by a phone call from work at 11:30. Never good. Somebody called off, so they needed him to come in at 4:30 am and work 12 hours. I’m sure he’ll be going to bed early again tonight, poor guy. At least he’ll get some overtime pay.

Now it’s time to go do things housewives do. There’s laundry to wash and boxes to recycle and wedding presents to return and necessities to buy and a floor to vacuum. If I get tired of that, I can always go to the park. I do love the day shift.


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Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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5 Responses to I’ve got to admit, it’s getting better

  1. Mere says:

    Just because you always point out my typos… how cold is Lake Michigan?

  2. Nicole says:

    Lake Michigan is the path that leads to cold. It is the way to cold. Haha. But it is also way too cold to swim in.

  3. Nicole says:

    Now we should probably discuss my pesky habit of ending sentences with prepositions. But that may be a bit too much for me. After all, all I did today was/were the dishes 😉

  4. Mere says:

    Haha, nice attempt at a save. Also, I don’t think it’s actually incorrect to end a word with a preposition. It’s just mildly annoying 🙂

  5. Nicole says:

    Since we’re having this conversation, I would like to point out that I’ve never ended a word with a preposition.

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