More Summer: 4th of July and LVR (again!)

I keep meaning to blog. Then I can’t settle on one topic to write about. Story of my life.

My dad and stepmom came to Indiana for the 4th of July weekend. I showed them the beaches at Lake Michigan, the gardens and park where I love to hike, my favorite Valpo ice cream shop and of course our apartment. We sat on the porch watching neighbors’ fireworks at night, but they missed the big shows. Friday night, Michael and I went to the public fireworks display at Porter Beach in Chesterton. He had a brat; I had Dip ‘n Dots. We spread a blanket on the sand and watched the fireworks shot off a barge on the lake. They weren’t as big as St. Charles or St. Louis fireworks, but the crowd wasn’t as big either and the air was cool. We left entirely satisfied.

Monday night after my dad and Jane left, we tried to walk to Valparaiso’s fireworks display. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize that there was a Thomas Jefferson Middle School and a Benjamin Franklin Middle School, and we went to the wrong one. We looked up the correct location on Michael’s phone. It was too far away to walk there in time.

“It’s OK,” he said, “Any time spent with you is time well spent.” What a great husband. We wandered through neighborhoods watching personal fireworks. Hoosiers spare no expense when it comes to blowing things up. We got quite the show. Eventually, we got close enough that we could see the professional display. We ended up sitting in the middle of an apartment complex parking lot that offered the best view with the lowest possibility of getting run over. Back at the apartment, we wandered onto the golf course. A bench provided us a vantage point to see fireworks all around.

Tomorrow we leave for Colorado again. We’re super pumped to be volunteering at LVR for the week. Fellow former staff member Kevin Krenk (Wil-E) is coming along with us. We haven’t seen him since the end of the summer of 2009. He lives in Indiana but has just returned from studying abroad in Europe. We’re hoping we can arrange to meet up with James Everett (Thin Mint) while in Colorado. It should be a splendid mini-reunion. I have no idea what kind of work we’ll be doing, but I’m excited and ready for anything. LVR is an excellent Christian ministry and we’re always eager to be involved. God has blessed us with lots of opportunities to serve.


About Nicole

Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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