My husband is awesome

Wednesday evening I got back to Indiana after a week away.

My trip started last Wednesday when I headed to St. Charles to visit my mom and drop off my rabbit. Thursday, I drove to Columbia to celebrate the 100th anniversary of homecoming, which we invented way back in the day. I spent a great weekend in Columbia catching up with friends, going to Cru’s Thursday evening gathering, and cheering on my Tigers as they defeated the Iowa Cyclones. Michael stayed in Indiana. When we bought tickets, he didn’t know if he would be working or not. He’s not a football fan either. He was hoping to go on a mountain biking trip while I was gone, but it didn’t work out. He spent the time working and fixing his car.

From Columbia, I reconvened with my dad in St. Charles and we headed out on a 3-day backpacking trip along the Buffalo National River in Arkansas. It was his first pack trip. We had a great time despite drastically changing temperatures, a night of very heavy rainfall, and my excessive overpacking of food.

As soon as I was back in civilization, I charged my phone and found a sweet message from my husband about how much he missed me. We talked that night, but I had to get some sleep before I could make the six hour drive back to him.

I expected to come home to an empty, dark, messy apartment. Michael was supposed to be working the night to cover for a co-worker. Instead, I walked into a bright, clean apartment. The table was draped with my Mizzou throw blanket and topped with a bouquet of Fall flowers.

If that wasn’t surprise enough, my husband popped out of the computer room, trying to scare me. His co-worker had called back on, but he thought it would be more fun not to tell me he’d be home. It was.

He helped me carry everything in from the car in the rain and put a pizza in the oven. He had searched for Woodchuck’s Fall Cider that I love, but it’s limited release and seems to be sold out already. So instead, he bought me a bottle of Framboise raspberry Lambic from Belgium. It’s supposedly beer, only delicious (and not cheap). On top of that, he presented me with a gift he found at Goodwill: a new charger for my laptop. My current charger works, but it’s mended in several places where my rabbit has chewed on it.

If you’re not sufficiently impressed, allow me to point out a few things. In addition to Michael’s regular 12-hour shifts at the steel mill, he had to work a 16-hour day to cover for the co-worker who called off. He then got home at almost 11 pm and had to try to stay up all night so he could sleep during the day in case he had to cover the next midnight shift. Instead of going on a mountain biking trip, he slaved away replacing the wheel bearings on his car. Then he cleaned the whole apartment so it would look nice for me. He wanted to figure out a way to display the Mizzou blanket in honor of our homecoming victory (even though he doesn’t care about Mizzou). Not only did he buy me the flowers, the Lambic and the charger, he went grocery shopping (and got me baby bell cheese, mmm). So I came home from vacation to a home vacation, and he came home from extra work and worked more to make it happen.

Oh, and after I went to bed, he parked my car in the garage to protect it from storm damage. My garage is three buildings away, so this involved trudging through the cold night during a heavy rainstorm.

But of all he did, the best part was just spending time together. The day marked our seventh month of marriage. What can I say? I’m so blessed to have him.


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Daughter of God, wife, mother, volunteer youth leader, substitute teacher, aspiring writer, rabbit owner, nature lover. These are some of my titles.
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One Response to My husband is awesome

  1. Christina says:

    I teared up when I read this, but you can attribute that mostly to PMS. Still, he’s one awesome dude. You guys are fantastic and I SO can’t wait to see you for Spring Break 🙂

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