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If I’m gonna write about the human experience, relationships will often be at the forefront. Perhaps the most powerful force in life is realizing that it’s not all about you.

Secret Name

Last night I slept for 12 hours. Well, I was in bed for 12 hours. Except for the time it took me to get up and pack Michael’s lunch and set out his breakfast cereal. Then I got back in … Continue reading

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My husband is awesome

Wednesday evening I got back to Indiana after a week away. My trip started last Wednesday when I headed to St. Charles to visit my mom and drop off my rabbit. Thursday, I drove to Columbia to celebrate the 100th … Continue reading

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Still a Midwestern girl

I was introduced to backpacking in 2006. It seems like ages ago. Since then, love of the mountains has been part of my identity. Michael and I seldom plan a trip to anywhere without mountains. My two summers on staff … Continue reading

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Aspects of Indiana are great. The wildlife I’ve encountered. Cooler weather than Missouri. A lake that’s like an ocean. Something is missing though. Friends. The place is teeming with potential friends, but I’m still working on making them. Tuesday night, … Continue reading

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The Substitute Easter Bunny

My life as a house rabbit is pretty low-key. Or at least it was. This week, everything changed. It was a lazy Monday night. My humans had been in bed for an hour. I sat in my cage, chewing on … Continue reading

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I want to write about God, but all of my words fall short. How can anything I say bring him glory? In the spirit of Lent, I need some introspection. Daily, hourly I fail to fulfill God’s calling. Everything I … Continue reading

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I’ve got to admit, it’s getting better

Adventures in housewife-ing, part 2. Day shifts are clearly better than night shifts. While my love for Michael makes it bearable to sleep all day and sit up all night, it’s not ideal. This week he’s working the blessed day … Continue reading

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A new housewife quests for fulfillment in an empty apartment at 12:30 am

“You need a hobby,” Michael told me. “I need to join a 24-hour gym so I can at least go do something at night.” “I could take up scrap booking. That requires a lot of time and you don’t have … Continue reading

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One week til the rest of my life

I’m getting married a week from today. The paragraph break was supposed to let it sink in. It didn’t work. I’ve been waiting so long. Now that it’s almost here, it is completely unfathomable. When all of the silly wedding … Continue reading

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Here comes the dress

Today I brought my wedding dress home. It has been a long journey since I first laid eyes on the dress back in May. Who knew the hardest thing would be storing it for these last three weeks? The dress’ … Continue reading

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