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A post-election pep talk for my unhappy Christian friends

Good morning, America. I see we all survived election night. No one combusted from elation or despair and no one died of bordem. The world goes on, no matter how overly dramatic anyone feels about last night’s outcome. Because I … Continue reading

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On Grace and Pain

Tomorrow I will be 24 and the whole country will mourn. And life will go on for those of us for whom God still has plans. Ten years ago on my 14th birthday, two planes hit two towers and reminded … Continue reading

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The Substitute Easter Bunny

My life as a house rabbit is pretty low-key. Or at least it was. This week, everything changed. It was a lazy Monday night. My humans had been in bed for an hour. I sat in my cage, chewing on … Continue reading

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Happy day of commercial exploitation of love

Today was Valentine’s Day. I’ve been a long-time resistor. Might seem odd since I’ve had a boyfriend for most of my life. But commercialism ruins it, just like it ruins Christmas. It seems Valentine’s Day is a commercial exploitation of … Continue reading

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Abortion: the last resort

Abortion doesn’t come from no where. No woman wakes up and thinks, “I’d like to have an abortion.” She only makes that choice when she believes that all other options have failed her. It is a last resort. Abortion is … Continue reading

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The curse of discontentment, the joy of love

Discontentment drives us. It’s clear from an economic standpoint, but I’m no economist. I’m more concerned with human thought and behavior. The person I know most intimately is myself. So here’s my self-analysis. All my life, I’ve been eagerly looking … Continue reading

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Bunny Love

I tried to write something, but it is not coming at this point. Instead, here is this. Special thanks to Christina, Starfox, for sending me this picture about a month ago. It still overwhelms me with joy.

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The Last Crusade

“You can call me Indiana Jones, because this is my last Crusade,” our emcee, David Dishman said. I laughed, but it was bittersweet. Campus Crusade for Christ (affectionately known as Cru at Mizzou) has been a huge part of my … Continue reading

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Anticipating goodbye

“Please save this for me. I’ll come back for you, love, I promise to. Please save this for me for until I return my love will burn, and my heart will stay.” -Ludo, Please The date of my departure is … Continue reading

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The journey of a day

She worshiped the glowing screen, petitioning it for the fellowship she desperately desired. “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life…” Yes, yes, sign in. Remember me. Please. Three new notifications and a message. Two event … Continue reading

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