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Ryan Ferguson’s Conviction Vacated

Today the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District vacated Ryan Ferguson’s 2005 murder conviction. The court granted his habeas corpus petition, finding that the state had committed a Brady violation by withholding material evidence from Ferguson’s lawyers in his original … Continue reading

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Still a Midwestern girl

I was introduced to backpacking in 2006. It seems like ages ago. Since then, love of the mountains has been part of my identity. Michael and I seldom plan a trip to anywhere without mountains. My two summers on staff … Continue reading

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Mizzou to Face Iowa at Insight Bowl

The Missouri Tigers (10-2) will take on the Iowa Hawkeyes (7-5) in the Insight Bowl in Tempe, Arizona on December 28. I’ll admit I don’t follow the Tigers as closely as I did during college, but who could not love … Continue reading

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Shooting at my old house

Breaking news: Tonight, a man was shot three times, at least once in either the stomach or chest. He ran into a house on Circus Avenue. (The little residential street where I lived for the past two years. It’s near … Continue reading

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Missouri the Beautiful

I’ve wanted to get out of Missouri for a long time. It’s frigid in the winter and miserably humid in the summer. I want to live in the mountains. Now that the possibility of leaving is real, I’m thinking about … Continue reading

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Klondike Sunset/Sunrise Photos

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Nice weather makes me happy

My blogs have been mopey again. They have a tendency to do that. It’s not a fair reflection on me. When I’m in a good mood, I go out and do stuff. When I’m in a bad mood, I sit … Continue reading

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