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Political whining

Politics can be fun. Presidential elections are exciting…during the primaries. Primary season represents hope and the flow of ideas and new possibilities. It’s a time when my idealism wakes up and I believe that people’s decisions really matter. I start … Continue reading

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My tax dollars now promote abortion…

“Not even waiting a week, the new administration has acted to funnel U.S. tax dollars to abortion providers overseas,” Rep. Tom Price, R-Georgia, said in a written statement. After less than a week in office, President Obama got rid of … Continue reading

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A wasted vote?

Okay, one more political blog. With the presidential election just a day away, even I can’t keep off the topic. Have you considered all your choices? Would you ever vote for someone who isn’t running for the Democrats or the … Continue reading

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If I were a politician

Question. Name something super annoying, pointless, and wasteful. Answer. Political ads in the mail. Does anyone really decide who to vote for based on the incessant flow of spam mail stuffed in their mailbox every day leading up to the … Continue reading

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Dipping towards depression?

Back to my money theme, this story on CNN’s website caught my eye today. It’s written by Barry Eichengreen, a financial historian from UC Berkeley, who says we may be in a mess of trouble. Well, we already knew that, … Continue reading

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