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Ryan Ferguson’s Conviction Vacated

Today the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District vacated Ryan Ferguson’s 2005 murder conviction. The court granted his habeas corpus petition, finding that the state had committed a Brady violation by withholding material evidence from Ferguson’s lawyers in his original … Continue reading

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Ferguson sits in jail while court sits on appeal, jurors rethink verdict

Want to know what’s new with Ryan Ferguson and Chuck Erickson? This excerpt sums up the new news (from a May 1st Columbia Tribune story by Brennan David): With the habeas petition filed in February, the Missouri Attorney General’s Office … Continue reading

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Analyzing Erickson

My last post was filled with the news, facts and background. Now I want to step back and analyze (with the use of more facts and background). Chuck Erickson claimed he and Ryan Ferguson committed the murder together, but that … Continue reading

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Erickson recants – Ferguson could go free

Ryan Ferguson could go back to trial now that key witness Chuck Erickson has recanted his testimony. Erickson now says he killed Kent Heitholt alone. Erickson gave a sworn deposition to Ferguson’s new lawyer, Kathleen Zellner (made public on Monday) … Continue reading

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Another frustrating story about Ryan Ferguson

This update about Ryan Ferguson is a tad late because I’m practically cut off from civilization here in the mountains with spotty, infrequent internet access and no tv or phone. I’m not going to take the time to say much … Continue reading

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Another appeal for Ferguson

Here’s your basic news brief style update, based on this Missourian story : Ryan Ferguson is trying another appeal based on improper jury selection. This time he’s appealing to the Western District Court of Appeals. In his 2005 trial, the … Continue reading

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Ferguson Still Waiting

“Justice delayed, is justice denied.” -William Gladstone An update on Ryan Ferguson’s appeal to Judge Jodie Asel: Sadly, there is no update. I periodically search to see if there’s any new news about Ferguson, but I haven’t found a trace … Continue reading

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Ryan Ferguson’s appeal denied

My blog stats are showing that most of my random hits are from people searching for information about Ryan Ferguson’s appeals. As a blogger and a thinking human being, I have a very strong opinion about Ryan’s conviction. As a … Continue reading

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Has justice been just to Ryan Ferguson?

This one isn’t random news, it’s mainstream. But it’s the most compelling ongoing story I know of. It should definitely get more attention from the public. In October 2005, Ryan Ferguson was convicted of murdering Kent Heitholt, an editor at … Continue reading

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