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Secret Name

Last night I slept for 12 hours. Well, I was in bed for 12 hours. Except for the time it took me to get up and pack Michael’s lunch and set out his breakfast cereal. Then I got back in … Continue reading

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Reading more than words

Recently I’ve been too full of thoughts to blog. Each day I have at least five directions I want to go. I can’t decide; nothing at all is written. Tonight I finished an essay anthology I bought when Borders was … Continue reading

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Music, writing and Borders: How I’ve come to love E.B. White

My Simon and Garfunkel Pandora station combines with the gray rain/mist outside and leaves me mildly depressed. This should open an opportunity for writing. Good writing comes from tortured restless minds. I love the poetry of sorrow. Paul Simon, TS … Continue reading

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How I came to Journalism

About seven months ago, I graduated from the University of Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism. As of now, I have no idea how to “follow my passion,” as professor Berkley Hudson put it. How did I get … Continue reading

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What will we become?

“You’re all very talented,” said my professor, Berkley Hudson. He looked around the room at the seventeen of us who make up his Advanced Writing class. About a third of us had laptops open. Another third scribbled in notebooks. The … Continue reading

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Fleas, sleep disorders and serial novels

Pretty sure our rabbit has fleas. Poor little Bianca. But how did she get them? We don’t have any other pets, and she rarely goes outside (like twice a year), except for being transported from house to car to another … Continue reading

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The Fourth State of Matter

I just read The Fourth State of Matter by¬† Jo Ann Beard for my nonfiction creative writing class. It is extremely good. Extremely. I hope to write like this someday, though I hope never to have an experience like this … Continue reading

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Writer’s block

“If I waited for perfection, I would never write a word.” -Margaret Atwood “Don’t get it right, just get it written.” -James Thurber This semester is great because I finally get to do what I’ve wanted all the time: longform … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Break

I have so much I should be doing right now, but I’m tired of this semester. Research papers constitute the only type of writing I get to do this semester. I hate research papers. I used to think it was … Continue reading

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